Monday, October 29, 2007

My Biggest Fear

My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear used to be big gigantic monkeys. They would pop out of nowhere in my dreams. I would scream so hard. I think I got this fear because I watched Tarzan when I was too young. Somehow it got linked up with me being scared of the dark because the monkeys could only see in the dark. One day I was playing with a toy car in my dream and just then the king monkey came and scared me. Luckily now I'm not afraid of them , but once in awhile they pop up in my dreams. So now that you know my biggest fear, I want to know yours.

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  1. Hey Paul, i'm looking at your website along with a friend on the phone. She says she is going to Comment you some day soon. Her name is Kathleen. Good writing, buddy! Keep up the good work. Will get back to you on my biggest fear. Got to think about that. btw, thanks for asking people to think and write back to you. Love ya, auntie R